About Us

Established in 1997 Dognguan Dongyou Machine Equipments Co,.Ltd Hass pecialized in the design and manufacturing of a wide variety of PU foaming machinery.For over 20 years,we have dedicated ourselves to the research and development of PU foaming machinery.Based on the'Committed to excellenceconcept,we always pursue a higher technology level of foaming machines,combined with our outstanding expertise and manufacturing experience for continuously presenting new perfor-mance of machines to meet customer's requirements.From a single machine to whole plant foaming equipments,each one will reflect the DongYou outstanding technical background.

Based on the extensive technological experience,DongYou has successfully developed a new generation of pouring machine,which is equipped with high techdevices.The newly designed pouring machine provides highly economical efficiency and flexible production perfor-mance and meets environmental protec-tion requirements.In addition,this all new machine features maximum versatilityand stability.Safety and easy to operate.It gives you the competitive edge in production and creates great profits.

One reason for our high reputation is we dedicated to continuous research and development for new performance of machines,which also enabled us to share aconsiderable market in domestic and overseas.DongYou has set a new standard offoaming machinery,and has been in the leading position for all new foaming technology.

High quality and high efficiency are our target.Customer and service priority is our tradition.No matter what it is a single machine or whole plant equipments,DongYou gives you the most comprehensive technical services,now and future.

We believe only through continuous R&D will enable us grow and meet customer'srequirements.

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